Cory DNA Project is open to any Cory male

Our project uses the Y Chromosone Paternity test at and therefore only Cory male  samples  are  eligible for our project.

Ladies with a Cory ancestor can help by finding a Cory male volunteer from their line!

This simple cheek swab test, whilst an excellent tool for family history to prove lineage, is not a paternity test.

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Where Do Corys come from?

The project has proved that we don't all descend from one Cory progenitor, in fact, samples fall into 5 different haplogroups. 

Haplogroups R1a and R1b both include distinctly separate groups amongst the samples,  which means  that  even though sharing the same haplogroup, those  pedigrees are not and can not be linked genetically.

American Cory descendants of William Cory of Portsmouth/Bristol are yet to find their
English DNA match.

One volunteer from a line previously only traced as far back as Wickmere, Norfolk, in 1815, matched a group of samples from Corys with pedigrees going back to Robert Corie who died at Bramerton in 1444 so proving a genetic link not found using parish records.