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A  book entitled "The English Corys"  was published in May 1995 by the Society.  The work was written by our first Archivist,  Michael R Cory and our first Chairman, Vernon Cory, both founder members of the Society.

Michael R Cory also compiled the pedigree tables in his book "The Norfolk Corys". These publications are available to help with your research and can be ordered via the e-mail address on the home page. Our archives are constantly being up-dated as our research continues and, as new lines appear, new pedigree tables are created. 

The following list of chapters from the book of The English Corys is included in this section because it covers so many areas and topics giving a wonderful picture of Cory lives and of course all Cory family historians will be drawn to the pedigree tables in Appendix A.

The English Corys

It's all so much easier now that census documents and records of births, marriages and deaths are online -

BUT there is more to your family history than just dates. We have many stories on  record, from Lords and Ladies, to paupers and convicts whose stories feature in over  60 issues of our newsletter.

Whether you are a Cory by name or descent we will be pleased to hear from you and exchange information, so adding to your knowledge and our own.

Chapter 1.    Sources of Cory History
Chapter 2.    The Western Origin of the Corys
Chapter 3.    The Cory Name
Chapter 4.    The Spread of Corys in Cornwall and Devon
Chapter 5.    The Cory Dispersal beyond the South West
Chapter 6.    The West Corys
Chapter 7.    The North Cornwall/North Devon - West Putford Corys                           
Chapter 8.    The North Cornwall/North Devon - Stratton Corys
Chapter 9.    The North Cornwall/North Devon - Poundstock Corys
Chapter 10.  The Civil War and the North Cornwall Corys
Chapter 11.  The Whalesborough Corys
Chapter 12.  The Corys and the Bible Christian Connextion
Chapter 13.  The Norfolk Corys
Chapter 14.  The London Corys
Chapter 15.  The Northamptonshire and Midland Corys
Chapter 16.  The Bristol Corys
Chapter 17.  The Scottish Corries
Chapter 18.  The American Corys
Chapter 19.  The Australian Corys
Chapter 20.  Cory Heraldry and Photographs
Appendix A. Pedigree tables
Appendix B. Index of Individuals in the Pedigree Tables and General Index.

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