Each year the nation pays tribute at the Cenotaph and at War Memorials throughout the country to those who died in the Great War and others more recent.  We name here the Corys who died, but remember also those who returned home some bearing the effects on their bodies and minds for the rest of their lives. 

World War I

British Army
A Core
Albert Core
Alfred Core
Arthur Core
Cecil John Core
Charles Gooch Core
Edward Clarence Core
J Core
Thomas Core
William Maurice Core
P Corey
Arthur Frederick Cory
A R Cory
Bernard Charles Cory
Bernard Horace Cory
Cyril Noel Cory
Charles Samuel Cory
Charles Willoughby Cory
Ernest Albert Cory
Edmund Q Cory
Frederick Cory
Harry Cory
Horace Cory
John Fred Cory
John Henry Cory
John Reginald Cory
Robert Ashby Cory
Samuel Cory
Wyndham Archibald Cory
William J Cory
A Corry
A I Corry
E Corry
E J Corry
F Corry
F M  Corry
Frederick W Corry
H  Corry
J Corry
J Corry
J Corry
J Corry
J Corry
J A Corry
John Beaumont Corry DSO
N C Corry
R Corry
R J Corry
R L  Corry
S E Corry

S J T Corry
T  Corry
T Corry
W Corry
W S Corry
A C  Corry-Smith

Royal Navy
Sydney Andrew Core
Allen James Cory
William Richard Cory
William Tucker Cory
A W Corry
A E L Corry

F Core
Boaz Corey
James Wallace Corey
R Corey
W C Corey
Donald Henry Cory
Henry Vincent Bell Cory
John Cory
Wilfred Francis Cory
William Roger Cory
A Corry
E Corry
E L Corry
F H Corry
J Corry
J J Corry
P A Corry
T Corry
T E S Corry
V C Corry
W Corry

World War II

All Services
Frederick  Albert Core
F S Core
Frederick Walter Core
Gilbert Allenby Core
Garnet Douglas Core
Ronald John Core
Richard Matthew Core
Sidney Russell Core
Douglas Earle Corey
Hugh Corey
Herbert Ralph Corey
John Patrick Corey
Peter Paul Corey