Executive Committee:

The Aims of
The Cory Society
are to:


Chairman:  Mark Hassall
Hon Secretary:  Jean Hayes  
Treasurer:  Paul Holloway 
Ex Officio Archivist:  Ida Birch 

Editor & Webmaster:    Margaret Goffin

Co-ordinators and Others:
Rosemary Holloway

Devon,Cornwall & S.Wales:  Ida Birch 

Kent and Publications:  William Cory

Norfolk and DNA:  Margaret Goffin

Northants:  Marilyn Cory

Australia:  Pam Cory

Membership Secretary: 

Rosemary Gitsham

INFORM our members of the accummulated knowledge of
the history and genealogy of
the Cory family, by books, newsletters etc;

STIMULATE research, and to coordinate all research

STAGE meetings and reunions on an occasional and regular

AFFILIATE with such bodies capable of assisting the Society;

PROVIDE an advisory function to assist members with their research;

MAINTAIN data banks of the accumulated knowledge;

LIAISE with overseas societies and exchange delegates at conferences.


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