Norfolk Corys

The earliest Cory recorded in the county was Geoffrey Cory, a priest, mentioned in 1324 in the Patent Rolls but it is the line of Robert Corie that provides the earliest family tree in Norfolk. 

Robert Corie (d 1444) purchased land in 1399 and in 1403 he bought an estate in the village of Bramerton. Robert had two sons; John; William, priest of Norton; and three daughters, Alice, Blyth and Matilda.  Bramerton Hall was the seat of the Corys until it passed out of the Cory family after Thomas's son and the last heir died in 1682.  As Thomas died without issue,  the Bramerton estate was left to his second wife's nephew. Over the years, Robert Corie's house was redesigned by the new owners of Bramerton Hall  so the church is the place where all people interested in the name of Cory visit on coming to Norfolk. (Tree Norfolk Corys: A1)

In St. Peter's church there is a Cory memorial in the form of a small brass plaque on the north side of the chancel. It is on the wall on the left of the altar rail and is in memory of Robert Cory, who died on 17 August 1629 "after long and tedious sickness of above four years continuance, which he endured with patience". He was 56 years of age and left a second wife, 6 sons and 2 daughters which he had by his first wife.  No other memorial remains from those early Corys and the only Cory grave in the churchyard today is that of a more recent Cory who chose to rest in the village of his ancestors.

St Peter's Church, Bramerton

Bramerton Pedigree Tables

1.  Bramerton * (1a)
2.  Downham
3.  Great Dunham
4.  Kettlestone
5.  Cheltenham & US
6.  E Riding Yorks
7.  Aylsham
8.  Kent (1)
9.  Kent (2)
10. Sussex/ Hampshire
11. Cambridge
12. Cambridge/Bury St Edmunds
13. City of Cambridge
13. Sendall Branch * (a) (b)
14. Great Yarmouth * (a)
15. Suffolk
16. Kensington
18. Cumberland
19. Surrey *
20. Surrey
21. Lancashire
22. Epsom
23. India
24. Burlingham
25. London
26. Norwich
27. Norwich
28. Binham
29. Burrell Corys*
30. Hainford/Marsham/
+ Stratton  Strawless
31. Hainford
32. Lingwood/Caister St Edmunds / Mile End /Stepney*
33. Lingwood/Caister St Edmunds    + Freethorpe/Kings Lynn*