Corys of Devon, Cornwall & S Wales

DEVON. In 1343 John Moueron, warden of the silver mine in Cornwall & Devon was ordered to pay back wages owed to John Cory and to pay him his future wages. What became of him after that?  This tantalising record shows his existence in the county but with the lack of any other records we can only move forward to Holsworthy in 1575. The Cory families were well documented in Devon in various parish records dating from as early as the 16th century.

In 1772, Andrew Cory was born at Blatchborough in Bradworthy.  His family moved to Greaden Farm in the same village when he was very young. At about 10 years old he was sent to school at Hartland where he obtained what was then considered to be a good education.  When he was 22, he married Mary Tremeer. She was born at Eastcott in the parish of Moorwinstow in the eastern part of Cornwall. They went to live at Holloborough where twelve years later, in the spring of 1816, a Society of Bible Christians was formed and Andrew with his son, Andrew, became early converts.  

Andrew's name appeared as a local preacher  in the Kilkhampton Circuit in 1819.  Mary and Andrew had ten children of whom eight survived childhood and the two eldest became itinerant preachers or 'ministers'.  Bible Christian worship continued with many descendants serving as local preachers, Sunday school teachers, society stewards and chapel trustees.  The Bible Christians eventually amalgamated with the United Methodist Church in 1907. (
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The excellent Bible Christians records of the Kilkhampton Circuit have allowed us to discover that Abel and Grace Cory had two daughters; Elizabeth and Grace and a son, Samuel, who left for America in 1848.   Elizabeth married John Heard at Clawton in 1806 and three of their children became pioneer farmers in Victoria, Australia.   

A more detailed article was published on the Bible Christian Connexions in Newsletter No 22. It contains material from the Bible Christian magazines which is not available in the usual genealogical sources. A copy can be obtained from Ida Birch for those who wish to read the complete article. It is worth considering that Cornwall also had its share of Bible Christian ministers too and some left from both counties to work in other counties and overseas.

The details above are based on an article in Newsletter 16 which includes the family tree of William Cory 1783-1862.  William's earlier life and that of his family in London can be found on the London and Cambridge page.

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